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2003 Engineering Excellence Award

ICF Recognized for Guadalupe Creek Restoration


The Guadalupe Creek Restoration Project received the 2003 Engineering Excellence Award from the Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California. The project involved the restoration of riparian vegetation, shaded riverine aquatic cover, and instream aquatic habitat along a two mile reach of lower Guadalupe Creek in San Jose, California. The restoration design was developed during an extensive planning and design process that included conducting an inventory of existing conditions, and identifying site characteristics (e.g., stream flow, depth to ground water, flood conveyance capacity, soil texture); facilitating public workshops and regulatory agency meetings; developing restoration design criteria for key resource (e.g., geomorphology, hydraulics, soils, and groundwater, vegetation, fisheries habitat), engineering, and land use elements; and preparing detailed designs and construction documents. ICF prepared the environmental impact report and environmental impact statement and acquired all required permits for the project. The project was constructed in February of 2002.

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