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Washingtonian Great Places to Work

ICF Selected in 2005 and 2001 as a Great Employer in the Washington, D.C., Area



ICF International was awarded an Honorable Mention in the November 2005 issue of Washingtonian magazine as one of the “Great Places to Work in 2005,” which highlights "more than 50 employers that offer great pay and benefits, interesting work, flexible schedules, and a chance to learn and grow."

Every two years, the magazine publishes its list of employers in the Washington, D.C., area who are currently hiring and are known for providing the “best pay and benefits, flexible schedules, interesting work, and chances to grow,” as measured by a staff survey, extensive nomination questionnaire, and facility tour.

After reviewing more than 250 companies, the magazine honored 70, 15 of which were honorable mentions. The Washingtonian, which listed ICF International under the heading “Think Green,” stated:

"Employees at ICF International, a management, technology, and policy consulting firm, practice what they preach. Our tour took us through some darkened hallways where lights had been turned off to save energy. The company wins awards for recycling. And when a manager had a baby, colleagues bought the boy a $200 sulfur-dioxide-emissions allowance, to keep industrial emissions from the air."

-November 2005 Washingtonian

In 2001, the magazine selected ICF International as one of the "50 Great Places to Work" in the Washington area.

"It's not hard to come to work each day when you're preventing pollution, conserving energy, and saving neighborhoods. ICF is a for-profit company that works on socially conscious issues. It is contracted with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on a program to close the digital divide. The company is working with a handful of East Coast states looking for ways to control smog. For the Washington Council of Governments, it is providing technical expertise for a program to encourage telecommuting.

On its staff are leading experts on renewable energy, global warming, air quality, transportation, and affordable housing. Any consulting business relies on people, and ICF does its best to sustain its own resources. Among the benefits: on-site massage and fitness center; flextime; an Internal Talent Development program that offers 10 to 15 courses a month; and bonuses of $100 to $5,000 for publishing a letter to the editor, a newspaper or magazine article, or a book. Further proof ICF is a good place to work: Nearly 40 percent of hires are return employees."

-October 2001 Washingtonian
Reprinted with permission from The Washingtonian Magazine ©2001


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