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Board of Directors

ICF International's board members are elected for their tremendous experience influencing business strategies in growth companies. Their high degree of talent and passion steer ICF toward successfully expanding our services to both commercial and government clients around the world.


  • Eileen Auen, Chairman + CEO, PMSI

    Eileen Auen

    Former Executive Chairman, Helios

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  • Dr. Edward H. Bersoff, Chairman + CEO, ATS Corporation

    Dr. Edward H. Bersoff

    Managing Director, PFF, LLC

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  • Dr. Srikant M. Datar, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

    Dr. Srikant M. Datar

    Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

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  • Cheryl W. Grisé, ICF Board of Directors

    Cheryl W. Grisé

    Former Executive Vice President, Northeast Utilities

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  • Sanjay Gupta - Executive Vice President, Allstate

    Sanjay Gupta

    Executive Vice President, Allstate

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  • Leslye Katz

    Leslye G. Katz

    Former CFO, IMS Health

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  • Sudhakar Kesavan, Chairman and CEO ICF International

    Sudhakar Kesavan

    Chairman + Chief Executive Officer, ICF International

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  • Peter M. Schulte, Managing Partner, CM Equity Partner

    Peter M. Schulte

    Managing Partner, CM Equity Partners

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