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Michelle Colley


Senior Manager

Michelle Colley

Michelle Colley is a specialist in climate risk management with 10 years of experience in helping organizations to make decisions in the face of climate change. She has provided a broad range of public and private sector clients with expertise and advice on climate change science, risk and vulnerability assessments, climate adaptation, and strategic planning.

Ms. Colley leads climate change impacts and adaptation practice, advising businesses and governments on how to make their activities, assets, and policies more resilient to climate risks. She is currently working with the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) to identify risks associated with a changing climate to mining activities and operations. She is also working with the City of Toronto to develop a “trigger” to identify when an extended heat emergency should be declared, so as to minimize heat-related illness and premature mortality anticipated with deep and prolonged heat waves.

Ms. Colley has an advanced understanding of climate science and model development, an awareness of the limitations of different modeling techniques, and an in-depth appreciation of end-user needs. She is also adept at facilitating stakeholder engagement on climate risk management and managing participatory approaches to climate change adaptation decision making. Michelle has an M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh.


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