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ICF International supports commercial and federal clients with wireless spectrum profiling and broadband planning to help communities, governments, and businesses leverage wireless broadband infrastructure to meet community development goals.



Spectrum is a wireless operators' most valuable resource in meeting exploding consumer wireless demand. ICF's "Spectrum Profiling Solution" ensures that an operator's spectrum is not corrupted by external interference, improves wireless access across the country, and accelerates the mobile transformation driving economic growth and improving the lives of Americans. ICF understands that the end goal of connectivity is not the network—it is the possibilities that come from providing consumers, businesses, and governments with access to the services that ride over the network.

ICF helps commercial customers:

  • Locate and characterize sources of radio frequency (RF) interference and discriminate it from user traffic to assist network planning, interference identification, and network performance optimization
  • Analyze and map long-term evolution (LTE) resource blocks and power to profile user equipment (UE) usage to create user density maps to support better site and capacity planning
  • Rapidly profile noise floor and interference across wide geographic areas and validate propagation models and path loss studies
  • Conduct competitive analysis of other operators' UE usage to target strategic deployment of wireless network assets by identifying areas of strategic advantage and potential weakness

ICF helps government clients:

  • Determine spectrum occupancy in bands to be auctioned and analyze spectrum sharing opportunities
  • Support public safety broadband wireless planning to improve interoperability between municipal, state, and private networks, including FirstNet planning and identification of wireless emitters
  • Leverage broadband technology to stimulate economic development and job creation
  • Create sustainable broadband plans for telemedicine and education ecosystems engaging multiple stakeholders to ensure widespread buy-in and successful implementation

With in-house specialists in areas such as wireless engineering, community planning, health and education, geospatial analysis, and environmental compliance, ICF is a comprehensive resource for the diverse challenges that arise during broadband projects—from planning and design through implementation and performance. Our extensive experience working in the industry enables us to bring practical tips, tools, and a real-world perspective to our clients' broadband needs.

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Featured Resources

Spectrum profiling—ICF's patented LTE aerial Spectrum Profiling Solution measures and characterizes the overall spectrum environment to rapidly identify external interferers and quantify spectrum usage over large geographic areas. The data collection and digital spectrum process discriminates between user traffic and external transmission sources that degrade user performance. User density profiles quantify marketwide data usage—an essential component in managing spectrum and capacity to support a rapidly growing number of data applications—leading to improved site and capacity planning.

Digital cable leakage identification (CLI)—ICF's digital CLI system tests all-digital (QAM-based) channel line-ups and hybrid analog and digital line-ups without the need to insert markers or signal synchronizers. Leakage measurements can be made in the most important bands: at 108/140MHz (aeronautical), 500–700MHz (white space), and 700–900MHz (LTE/cellular). ICF's digital CLI system improves sensitivity by 20dB over previous methods, making it ideal for directly measuring even faint leaks from standard flyover altitudes and flight speeds.

Broadband feasibility and sustainability—ICF performs market analysis, service definition, strategic reviews, pricing, demographics, and business case development for communities, regions, or businesses focused on economic development. ICF delivers planning, technical assistance, and training to enhance the utility of broadband technology to build capacity in community programs.

  • Project

    Digital Cable Detection and Reporting

    ICF International developed a digital cable leakage index (CLI) system that tests all-digital (QAM-based) channel line-ups and hybrid analog and digital line-ups without the need to insert markers or signal synchronizers.

  • Project

    USDA/Rural Utility Service (RUS) Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP)

    ICF International supports the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service (RUS) with the oversight of post-award project implementation for more than $3.5B in awards made under the Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP).

  • Project

    Broadband Training and Technical Assistance

    ICF International is supporting the EdLab Group, which is providing services to the State of Idaho/LinkIDAHO and the State of Wyoming/LinkWYOMING, under the State Broadband Initiative (SBI) program. The projects will serve as a catalyst for increased access to and use of broadband to better serve residents of Idaho and Wyoming.

  • Project

    State Universal Service Fund Assessment

    ICF International performed Universal Service Fund (USF) assessments for the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC) and the West Virginia Development Office (WVDO) to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for broadband deployment and sustainability.

  • Project

    Broadband Feasibility Study in the Cherokee Nation

    ICF International prepared and administered a market survey of broadband feasibility for the Cherokee Nation. This survey process encompassed a locally and culturally relevant networking approach to acquire various levels of broadband and demographic data.

  • Project

    Broadband Expansion Project for the University of Arkansas

    The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) included a 900-mile network expansion to connect to 23 colleges in the state of Arkansas. To comply with grant requirements, an environmental assessment (EA) was needed in an extremely short turnaround time.

  • Project

    LTE Network Interference Analysis

    ICF International conducted wireless spectrum interference assessments using its aerial spectrum profiling system for a major provider of communications technology and services.

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