ICF Canada


ICF International brings local knowledge and multi-disciplinary global expertise to clients throughout Canada's energy and industrial sector and to projects dealing with the full range of energy efficiency and environmental issues.

Across the country, ICF works with utilities, private-sector companies, and government agencies to understand the evolving energy landscape, comply with environmental regulations, and meet stakeholder expectations. At the same time, we help create value for regulators and industry through our rigorous quantitative assessments of potential impacts and opportunities presented by energy markets (demand and supply),climate and other environmental policies, and sustainability.

We combine our deep technical expertise with our proprietary modeling and analysis tools to help energy utilities and stakeholders identify and address opportunities to maximize energy efficiency. Our experts in energy markets help clients understand the landscape for oil and gas and make crucial capital investment and market diversification decisions. Our leading-edge climate change practice has a long history in climate change mitigation policy design, implementation, and compliance as well as assessing impacts and vulnerabilities and developing adaptation strategies in a wide variety of industry sectors.

We deliver the strength of integrated teams, global resources, and decades of experience, including the 30-year track record brought by ICF's January 2011 acquisition of Marbek, a leading Canadian environmental and energy management consultancy.

ICF's interactive business provides end-to-end solutions across all digital and interactive channels to help clients in Canada and across the globe navigate the digital space.

ICF also serves the aviation industry in Canada, guiding airlines, airports, investors, and aerospace companies to smart decisions and stronger operations.


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