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The ICF International Alumni Network

ICF believes that collaboration leads to the kind of groundbreaking solutions that have been a trademark of the company since its inception in 1969.



Doing meaningful work worldwide creates a special bond and fosters the collaboration that’s vital for tackling today’s complex problems. Yet professional connections can be tough to forge and maintain in a busy world that’s always growing and evolving.

With our official Alumni Network on LinkedIn®, ICF makes it easier for you to get acquainted and stay in touch. Log on to:

  • Share ideas and insights with peers as passionate about their work as you are
  • Get acquainted with new employees and employees from newly acquired companies
  • Find experts in your field or new talent for your team
  • Cultivate enduring relationships across the ICF community

More than a thousand members strong and growing, the ICF Alumni Network puts informative chats, helpful links, and like-minded peers at your fingertips. Your next teammate, hire, mentor/mentee, or professional lead is just a click away. 


  1. What is the ICF Alumni Network?
    The ICF International Official Alumni Network was created on LinkedIn® to provide networking tools to reconnect former colleagues and to help alumni stay connected to ICF. The Network also provides a venue for staff of newly acquired firms to network with current and former ICF employees and to foster recruiting throughout the ICF network of distinguished professionals.

  2. How do I join the ICF Alumni Network?
    If you are a current or former employee of ICF International, please go to ICF International Official Alumni Network and click Join This Group. Requests to join are subject to approval by the ICF International Official Alumni Network Administrator.

  3. Can I invite others to join the group?
    You are strongly encouraged to invite current and former employees of ICF International to join the ICF International Official Alumni Network. To invite others, go to ICF International Official Alumni Network page and click Share Group to select up to 10 contacts from your connections list. You can also use your own email account and send the link. Please be aware that any requests to join will be in a pending status until approved by the ICF International Official Alumni Network Administrator.

  4. Who can see information about my contacts?
    Other group members cannot see your contacts unless you are directly connected with them by personally accepting an invitation to "Link." Only your direct connections (1st degree) can see your list of contacts. This is the default setting when you join LinkedIn®. You can adjust your settings to not share your contacts list by going to "Account & Settings" at the top of your LinkedIn® home page. Then click "Select who can see your connections" under "Privacy Controls" to set your preferences.

  5. What do I do if I receive a request to "Link-In" from someone I don’t know or from someone I don't feel comfortable sharing my network with?
    Accepting an invitation to join your network is strictly a personal choice. You should not feel obligated to accept an invitation from anyone with whom you would not want to share your personal network. There are several ways to handle these invitations, from sending a polite decline to filtering invitations from people you don’t know. For more information about unwanted invitations, log into the LinkedIn® Help Center.

  6. Can other members email my contacts directly?
    Depending on your privacy settings, your direct connections (1st degree) may be able to see the names of your contacts and use the system to send an InMail or LinkedIn® Invitation to join. However, unless your contacts accept or reply to the communication, their email addresses remain private. For more information, search "Communicating with LinkedIn Members" in the LinkedIn® Help Center.

  7. Where can I get technical assistance or more information about using LinkedIn®?
    To contact LinkedIn® Customer Support, or to search the LinkedIn® database of FAQS, go to the LinkedIn® Help Center.


ICF Alumni Network

The ICF Official Alumni Network, Sudhakar Kesavan, Chairman and CEO ICF International

"The ICF Official Alumni Network presents ICF, its employees, and its alumni with the opportunity to connect or reconnect and the possibility of working together to expand our business. By consolidating our strengths, we also will increase the value of our service offerings to existing and potential clients."

- Sudhakar Kesavan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A Message from Sudhakar Kesavan about the ICF Alumni Network on Linkedin


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