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At ICF International, we hire recent graduates who are eager to apply their academic knowledge toward complex business issues.



A career at ICF International will allow you to widen your horizons by gaining client exposure, interacting with industry experts, and building and developing your business and consulting skills, while you work in an environment of talented and passionate individuals. And what better way to jump-start your career than with a dynamic organization whose impact on society is in a "for-profit" environment?

In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, ICF supports staff development in a variety of ways. Your new career will benefit from on-the-job training, our award-winning Professional Development Program, and company support to attend professional conferences and seminars.

Take the next step. If we are not visiting your campus this year, we may have opportunities posted on your career center's website, and you may also submit your resume online (select "College Recruiting" in the Job Field drop-down menu).

Thy Nguyen Thomas Griego
See What Thy Nguyen—Research Assistant Has to Say About ICF

Why I Wanted to Work for ICF

ICF works at the forefront of health and environmental risk assessment. I wanted to work for a company that makes a difference in this world and tackles leading issues that I’m passionate about—climate change, education, and health.

Why I Love Working for ICF

Every day, I get to apply my academic knowledge to cutting-edge projects that have a real impact on human health and the environment. My colleagues are vibrant, intelligent, driven, and innovative. We respect each other, and are united by our passion to make a difference through our work.

My Advice to College Grads and the Job Search

Approach this process with conviction and full confidence in your capabilities.

See What Thomas Griego—Research Assistant Has to Say About ICF

Why I Love Working for ICF

I love that I get to see the impact on people's everyday lives. Receiving relieved, happy messages makes me love what I do.

What It's Like to Work Here

There is a respect for the value of a work/life balance. Everyone here works hard and understands that a project sometimes demands longer days to meet deadlines. But after a long week or a tough project, you can grab yourself a break to recharge the batteries. That's what makes ICF great.

Three Things I Wish I Knew

  • You can make mistakes—and you will.
  • Budgeting is harder than it looks.
  • Always check your calendar.
Upcoming Career Fair

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Event Date Location
All Ivy Sustainability Fair March 4, 2016 New York, NY
George Mason University -- Communication Career Fair March 22, 2016 Fairfax, VA
University of Mary Washington -- Spring Job & Internship Fair March 24, 2016 Fredericksburg, VA
George Washington University -- Public Health Fair March 31, 2016 Washington, DC

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