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College and University Recruiting

At ICF International, we hire recent graduates who are eager to apply their academic knowledge toward complex business issues.



A career at ICF International will allow you to widen your horizons by gaining client exposure, interacting with industry experts, and building and developing your business and consulting skills, while you work in an environment of talented and passionate individuals. And what better way to jump-start your career than with a dynamic organization whose impact on society is in a "for-profit" environment?

In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, ICF supports staff development in a variety of ways. Your new career will benefit from on-the-job training, our award-winning Professional Development Program, and company support to attend professional conferences and seminars.

Take the next step. If we are not visiting your campus this year, we may have opportunities posted on your career center's website, and you may also submit your resume online (select "College Recruiting" in the Job Field drop-down menu).

Adam Gillenwater Erica VanDorn
See What Adam Gillenwater—Associate Has to Say About ICF

Why I Wanted to Work for ICF

ICF promised the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to help vulnerable families achieve economic and social stability.

What I Find Most Rewarding

Since joining, I’ve supported training, technical assistance, and research on project related to self-sufficiency, education, workforce development, and poverty. It’s rewarding knowing that these efforts are designed for positive, on-the-ground impacts for low-income families and individuals.

My Message for Recent Grads

Have fun with it! Learn as much as you can from those around you. Allow your passions to drive the work that you do.

See What Erica VanDorn—IT Business Analyst Has to Say About ICF

Why I Wanted to Work for ICF

I wanted to work where people were excited. Everyone in the interactive and technology section is so enthusiastic—they love their jobs!

What I Find Most Rewarding

I help create websites for clients. After working on a site for months, I love showing the finished product to my friends and family. It’s rewarding to see what you helped create.

If I Could Go Back in Time

I would tell myself to look at where a career leads, not just the immediate tasks. I got lucky; I can see a great career ahead of me. But I spent too much time worrying about the everyday tasks assigned to me as a new hire.

ICF Career Events

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