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Company Culture

ICF employees are committed to protecting and improving the quality of life—both in and out of the office.



At this moment, ICF professionals are on the ground making a difference in public health, energy independence, cybersecurity, interactive technologies, and many other important areas.

There’s a reason why clients choose us for their vital projects and why talented, dedicated professionals come to ICF, stay, and grow. It’s our shared commitment to:

  • Serving with integrity—High standards, healthy collaboration, and a respect for diversity are a way of life at ICF. We aim to always be proud of what we do and what we contribute.

  • Investing in ourselves—What now? What’s next? Through our flexible work environment, benefits, and commitment to professional development, ICF equips employees to tackle these questions.

  • Creating long-term value—A steadfast commitment to lasting social progress, an unwavering devotion to internal improvement;  with every project and engagement, we’re building something for the future.

  • Minimizing our environmental impact—In 2007, ICF was the first professional services firm to become carbon neutral, and we’ve been that way each year since. Even as we grow, we strive to be a good neighbor and steward. Our goal: to improve quality of life worldwide while making the smallest possible impact on the planet.

  • Giving back—Our mission doesn’t end with satisfying clients and shareholders. We provide financial and volunteer support to organizations chosen each year through a companywide vote. Even outside of work, ICF employees live this commitment—from the medical instructor who teaches teens about the dangers of drunk driving to the teams that volunteer at Disabled American Veterans mobile service office.

ICF Coporporate Responsibility Report Cover

Learn about ICF's commitment to Corporate Responsibility in our 2013 report.


Our legacy of advancing the greater good goes back to our beginnings as an investment capital firm funding inner-city businesses. To this day, it inspires and compels us to fulfill a mission of corporate responsibility.


33% of ICF's executive officers are women—the average among Fortune 500 companies is 14.4%.
~ 2010 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Executive Officers and Top Earners


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