Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)


Contract Details

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)
Awarding Agency: GSA
Contract Number(s): GS-23F-0115K
Period of Performance: 3/1/2005 - 2/28/2020

The Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedule is designed for federal agency communication needs. Services include advertising, marketing and related communications fields. From the redesign of a website to the development and placement of advertising initiatives to boost recruitment to planning a conference or tradeshow, ICF can assist agencies in this fast-paced market.

ICF also holds this contract through its subsidiary, Macro International Inc. (contract number GS-23F-0199K).

  • SIN 541-1 Advertising Services
  • SIN 541-2 Public Relations Services
  • SIN 541-4A Market Research and Analysis
  • SIN 541-4B Video/Film Production
  • SIN 541-4C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services
  • SIN 541-5 Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs (ODCs)

Ilene Gerber
ICF International
Phone: 1+703.934.3632

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