Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)


Contract Details

Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
Awarding Agency: GSA
Contract Number(s): GS-23F-0107X
Period of Performance: 9/27/2011 - 9/26/2016

The Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule provides Federal agencies with direct access to commercial experts that can thoroughly address the needs of the Federal financial community. FABS not only gives these clients access to a multitude of professional financial services, but also provides them with the ability to customize the services to meet their specific needs. The FABS schedule allows for choice, flexibility, ease-of-use and access to quality services in the financial arena.

  • SIN 520-2: Transaction Specialist
  • SIN 520-13: Complementary Financial Management Services
  • SIN 520-22: Grants Management Support Services

Ilene Gerber
ICF International
Phone: 1+703.934.3632

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