Information Technology Software, and Services (IT)


Contract Details

Information Technology Software, and Services (IT)
Awarding Agency: GSA
Contract Number(s): GS-35F-4121D
Period of Performance: 4/1/2012 - 7/10/2016

The Information Technology (IT) Schedule offers a comprehensive array of IT services and solutions.

ICF's IT Schedule offers services spanning the full spectrum of the system lifecycle including:

  • System Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Management
  • Program Management
  • System Engineering
  • Advanced Technology
  • System Implementation
  • System Operations & Maintenance
  • System Security

ICF also holds this vehicle through its subsidiaries ICF Z-Tech (contract number GS-35F-0102M) and ICF JASI (contract number GS-35F-4997G).

  • SIN 132-51 IT Professional Services

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