Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)


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Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)
Awarding Agency: GSA
Contract Number(s): GS-10F-0578N
Period of Performance: 9/1/2003 - 9/4/2018

The Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Schedule assists federal agencies in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions. Services include all phases of planning, acquisition and management of logistics systems, providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, management, or operational support services that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel. Training is provided in system operations, automated tools for supply and value chain management, property and inventory management, distribution and transportation management, and maintenance of equipment and facilities supporting these activities. Turnkey or total solutions are available in support of a logistics functions.

  • SIN 874-501 Supply and Value Chain Management Services
  • SIN 874-504 Deployment Logistics Services

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