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EPACT: Show Me the Money!

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Published in Project Finance International, August 2006, by Elliot Roseman of ICF International. The article evaluates the accomplishments, as well as the shortfalls, of the 2005 U.S. Energy Policy Act one year after its passage. Hailed by some to be a long-awaited energy panacea, EPACT is packed with direct grants, loan guarantees, and other incentives. The article compares the authorized funds with the actual program appropriations for fiscal year 2007.

Authored By

  • Eliott Roseman

    Vice PresidentICF International

    A senior advisor with 30 years of energy industry experience, Elliot Roseman has expertise in policy analysis, strategic planning, regulatory and legislative strategy, project development, and financial analysis. He supports clients in evaluating energy and electric transmission opportunities, analyzing markets, and developing regulatory and business policies. His experience includes developing business, policy, and regulatory strategies; evaluating potential impacts of specific transactions; and conducting project due diligence.

    Mr. Roseman has managed major policy assignments for private and public utilities, independent power generators, transmission developers, multilateral institutions, regulators, and government officials. He is an adjunct professor at George Washington University, teaching a graduate course on “Worldwide Energy Challenges.”

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Published: Aug 1, 2006
Source: Project Finance International

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