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Regional Resource Planning Makes Sense

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By Elliot Roseman of ICF International and Sandra Hochstetter, Chair, Arkansas Public Service Commission, and published in EnergyPulse, February 1, 2007. This article identifies the growing trend in integrated resource planning (IRP) among regulated utilities, but goes one step future. With the advent of regional wholesale markets, large regional baseload and renewable generation resources, climate change and other emissions considerations, and regional transmission planning by regional transmission organizations (RTO), the authors argue that "Regional Resource Planning" (RRP) would be a substantial improvement in optimizing the resource mix.

Importantly, RRP would not usurp state regulatory authority—rather, it would be sponsored by existing regional regulatory groups and organizations, and would provide regional resource and cost analysis that state regulators could use to better determine what makes sense for their states and the region as a whole. The authors enumerate the key elements of the RRP concept, as well as how to implement the process. Given the huge need for electric industry investment that the United States is facing nationwide over the next 10-20 years, the time has come for an alternative that would optimize investment, achieve synergies, maximize consumer benefit, and augment regional information sharing. The time has come for RRP.

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  • Eliott Roseman

    Vice PresidentICF International

    A senior advisor with 30 years of energy industry experience, Elliot Roseman has expertise in policy analysis, strategic planning, regulatory and legislative strategy, project development, and financial analysis. He supports clients in evaluating energy and electric transmission opportunities, analyzing markets, and developing regulatory and business policies. His experience includes developing business, policy, and regulatory strategies; evaluating potential impacts of specific transactions; and conducting project due diligence.

    Mr. Roseman has managed major policy assignments for private and public utilities, independent power generators, transmission developers, multilateral institutions, regulators, and government officials. He is an adjunct professor at George Washington University, teaching a graduate course on “Worldwide Energy Challenges.”

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Published: Feb 1, 2007
Source: ICF International

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