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Climate Change: Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit

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By Elliot Roseman and Kimberly Richardson, ICF International, and published in World-Generation, Sept/Oct 2008. The world is waiting to see what the new United States administration will do to secure our energy future and mitigate the negative impacts of fossil fuel emissions on our global environment.  Are there existing policies that could provide inspiration for new carbon legislation?  Have other countries begun to tackle this complicated issue? 

Indeed, the United Kingdom has designed a very innovative approach to targeting carbon emissions that would otherwise go unnoticed in the eyes of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme. The program is called the Carbon Reduction Commitment, and by targeting this emissions gap, the UK has taken a significant step in combating climate change; one the U.S. might consider as the new administration crafts its own initiatives. This article investigates the most salient points of the UK’s Carbon Reduction Commitment and discusses the program’s applicability to the U.S., including necessary modifications, industry compliance issues, and funding implications.  With the U.S. administration promising new carbon legislation, why not take a few cues from our friends across the pond?

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  • Eliott Roseman

    Vice PresidentICF International

    A senior advisor with 30 years of energy industry experience, Elliot Roseman has expertise in policy analysis, strategic planning, regulatory and legislative strategy, project development, and financial analysis. He supports clients in evaluating energy and electric transmission opportunities, analyzing markets, and developing regulatory and business policies. His experience includes developing business, policy, and regulatory strategies; evaluating potential impacts of specific transactions; and conducting project due diligence.

    Mr. Roseman has managed major policy assignments for private and public utilities, independent power generators, transmission developers, multilateral institutions, regulators, and government officials. He is an adjunct professor at George Washington University, teaching a graduate course on “Worldwide Energy Challenges.”

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Published: Sep 1, 2008
Source: World-Generation

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