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Mind the Gap: Using Sharepoint for Compliance Tracking

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Published in Energy Central, December 23, 2008. A compliance culture implies that the organization understands the standards and the organization takes proactive steps in order to meet or exceed them. More importantly, the organization can prove this compliance empirically with documentation. In this article, Kevin McDonald of ICF International demonstrates how routine compliance tasks can be automated using native Sharepoint capabilities. This framework can free the compliance organization to operate at higher operational tempo and increased productivity.

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  • Kevin McDonald

    Senior Analyst and Cloud StrategistICF International

    Kevin T. McDonald, a cloud strategist for ICF International based in Washington, DC, is the author of Above the Clouds: Managing Risk in the World of Cloud Computing. He is an affiliate member of the government Smartcard Interagency Advisory Board, Tech America Cloud Computing Committee, the IAC-ACT Cloud Computing in Government committee, the Cloud Security Alliance, and the PMIWDC International C2C representative to PMI UK and PMI Italy.

    He is widely published on issues ranging from green technology and cloud computing to cyber security and risk management. He is pursuing graduate studies in Technology Management at Georgetown University.

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Published: Dec 23, 2008
Source: Energy Central

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