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Early Childhood Teacher Development Programmes

The ARAD Cycle Approach

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Published in the Sept.-Dec. 2009 issue of Navtika: Journal of Early Childhood Care and Education, Volume IX, Number 3, a publication of the Salwan Montessori School, pp. 46–57, by Anubha Rajesh of ICF International. The article discusses the significance of teacher development programs as critical pillars influencing the quality of the educational program. It delineates the history of early childhood teacher training programs in India with a brief review of the existing practices. The article describes the innovative ARAD (Assessment, Reflection, Action, Documentation) cycle approach of the early education services of ICF to dynamic and participatory teacher development programs, focusing on the adult learning theory as an integral component to it.

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  • ManagerICF International

    Dr. Anubha Rajesh has more than 17 years of experience in child development, education, and women studies. Her key expertise includes training and technical assistance, capacity building, and developing and designing content deliverables. She also has experience in designing and conducting research, needs assessment, program evaluations, and documentation. Her technical skills include extensive desk review, collecting data through interviews, focus groups, and observations.

    For an experimental project funded by India's Ministry of Human Resource and Development for inclusive education at Lady Irwin College, Dr. Rajesh coordinated and developed training programs and workshops. She was also responsible for building links between parents, families, institutions, schools, stakeholders, and market forces; networking with organizations; and representing the project at all levels.

    Dr. Rajesh has a Ph.D. from the University of Delhi.

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Published: Sep 1, 2009
Source: Navtika: Journal of Early Childhood Care and Education

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