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Studies Link Wind Transmission Methods

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Two groundbreaking ICF International studies provide direction for the effective siting of high-power transmission lines and the design of the collector systems. Conducted in Wyoming, the independent studies primarily address costs and reliability. Their findings improve the prospects of meeting energy needs through renewable sources in Wyoming and other states. Sponsored by the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, both studies illustrate the link between renewable energy and transmission.

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  • Ken Collison

    Vice PresidentICF International

    Ken Collison, who joined ICF International in 2002, has expertise in transmission studies, power system reliability studies, critical infrastructure protection, transmission and ancillary services valuation, generation analysis, utility restructuring, and strategic studies.

    Mr. Collison has developed full alternating current (AC) nonlinear power flow models for detailed power system engineering studies, including power system reliability assessment, contingency analysis, and total transfer capability analysis for the networks of several power pools in the United States. In several power markets, he has led studies to determine the impact of major proposed transmission projects on the ability of the market operators to reliably meet system demand.

  • Venkat Banunarayanan

    PrincipalICF International

    Dr. Venkat Banunarayanan supports ICF International's energy and carbon markets efforts. He analyzes the impact of energy policies, smart grid, renewable energy, nodal price forecasts, power generation dispatch, transmission and ancillary services valuation, transmission congestion, and energy and capacity markets. His applies fundamentals-based engineering and economic models to study energy market operations.

    For the past 12 years, Dr. Banunarayanan has worked with private companies, power developers, utilities, independent system operators, and state and federal government agencies.

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Published: Jun 22, 2010
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