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GHGPortfolio™ is a proprietary analysis tool developed by ICF International experts to evaluate current and prospective greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects on the basis of specific and highly stringent policy and project risk factors, including:

  • Baseline specification and additionality
  • Direct and indirect emission impacts
  • Monitoring and verification procedures
  • Information management and reporting systems
  • Legal entitlement to emission reduction benefits

GHGPortfolio's evaluation criteria capture and reflect project attributes that have been identified internationally as essential to ensuring that GHG emission reduction projects have the greatest probability of achieving net environmental benefits. ICF designed the tool to highlight strengths and/or weaknesses in individual emission reduction activities, as well as in an entire portfolio of GHG abatement projects.

GHGPortfolio brings analytical rigor to the evaluation of how real, measurable, and quantifiable GHG emission reductions might be in a carbon-constrained future. It establishes a robust ranking across a company's emission reduction projects, allows comparisons to be made between a company’s portfolio of GHG and similar projects contained in ICF's database of emission reduction projects, and provides a foundation for maximizing the financial value of individual projects and an entire portfolio of projects.

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