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The Gas Market Model (GMM®), ICF International's proprietary nonlinear programming software model, provides clients with analysis and forecasts of regional gas markets throughout North America. The structure of GMM incorporates fundamental economic relationships between natural gas price, supply, storage, pipeline transport, and demand that act to equilibrate natural gas markets.

A new short-term (36 month) forecast is calibrated with near-term information on a monthly basis. A new long-term forecast to 2025 is created quarterly. GMM® solves for monthly natural gas production and demand, storage injections and withdrawals, pipeline flows, and natural gas prices in more than 110 regional market locations throughout North America.

Weather, alternative fuel prices, pipeline capacity, and economic activity are just some of the key drivers of the model that can be changed for scenario analysis. GMM® is ideal for studying supply and demand dynamics that drive the entire North American market and also ideal for studying regional developments given the broader trends driving the entire market. The GMM® software and supporting data has been licensed and is available for licensing by contacting ICF Resources, LLC.

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