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InCaP™, ICF International's International Carbon Pricing Tool, assists decision makers with assessing financial risks related to current and potential future carbon constraints. Using a number of customizable features, InCaP estimates the market price of carbon credits, information that can guide clients to a beneficial strategy for carbon trading in the future. InCaP provides forecasts of the average annual market price of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission instruments—allowances and emission reduction credits—for a broad range of user-defined supply and demand scenarios covering the time horizon from 2008 through 2027.

Our proprietary InCaP tool combines state-of-the-art, bottom-up analysis of factors that will impact future carbon markets with a user-friendly input format and straightforward, easy-to-understand results. To develop forecasts of carbon prices, users select and/or define values for 10 key variables, including the countries and regions participating in emissions trading, the sectors receiving caps under domestic trading requirements, emission targets for individual countries, natural gas price forecasts, and alternative economic growth scenarios.

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