California Childhood Leukemia Study (CCLS)

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To help the University of California, Berkeley, improve leukemia disease classification and understand exposure, ICF is conducting a survey with parents of children recently diagnosed with leukemia, as well as comparison subjects  of the same age, race, and gender. Leukemia is the most common cancer among children under the age of 15 years in the United States and many developed countries. The U.S. incidence rate of childhood leukemia is ~45 cases per million (which translates to 2,550 new cases per year).

First, we conduct a telephone interview with the child’s primary caregiver to collect detailed information on a wide variety of factors, such as the mother’s reproductive history, family history of illness, each child’s health history since birth, and household chemical exposures. After the telephone interview, we mail a saliva collection kit to the family in order to collect a saliva sample from the biological mother. If an interview cannot be completed or a saliva specimen is not returned it the mail, we make in-person attempts to gather the data.

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Client: University of California, Berkeley

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