Pain Study Registry

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ICF employed a mixed-mode methodology consisting of mail and web research for this multistage survey with chronic pain patients and their doctors, which measures the effectiveness of oxycodone IR-containing prescription medications in reducing and controlling patient- and physician-reported pain and any side effects of the medication.

Physicians completed online case reports at the beginning of treatment and again about a month later, and patients completed an intake survey and several web-based assessments over the course of the first month of treatment. The integrated work plan included many complex components that required careful timing and tracking, such as printing, mailing, receiving, and processing survey packets; programming and implementing six web-survey assessment tools and reminder emails for each patient; sending email, text message, and pre-recorded phone reminders at key points throughout the study; and managing help-desk support for both physicians and patients.

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Client: i3 Innovus
Location: US

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