Army National Guard Stayguard Survey and Reporting System

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Since 2004, ICF International has collaborated with the National Guard Bureau (NGB) on the development and implementation of a strategic attrition and retention research initiative to collect and analyze survey information. The objectives of the StayGuard Survey System were to develop five scientifically valid manpower survey instruments and host a comprehensive, automated Web-based system for the housing, maintenance and analysis of survey data. The system is designed to 1) obtain survey data from ARNG Soldiers to inform strength maintenance policies and programs; 2) identify patterns in manpower, including career intent, influences on retention, and perceptions of leadership, 3) gauge the impact of policies related to mobilization, promotion, and support programs.

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Client: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Army National Guard (USARNG)
Location: US

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