War Readiness Material (WRM) Officer Training

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To meet the U.S. Air Force's need for distributed learning (dl) to augment classroom and mentor-based training, ICF has developed an distributed advanced training system for the Air Combat Command (ACC)  that is effective in teaching the handling of pre-positioned assets such as expeditionary airfield resources, fuel support equipment, aerospace ground equipment, and vehicles.  

Several key technical and design challenges were addressed when developing the ACC training system:

  • The current web-based courseware needed to be augmented with a new SCORM-based learning management system capable of tailoring training to the needs of the airman.

  • A new approach to simulate advanced psychomotor and perceptual skills needed to be developed to model the inspection and manipulation of resources.

  • A simulated virtual instructor (coach) environment was needed to provide feedback and remediation based on how well the training was progressing. The virtual instructor would need to inject realism through coaching, feedback, and assessment to create training that is both engaging and relevant to the needs of the student.

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Client: U.S. Air Force, Air Combat Command (ACC)
War Readiness Material (WRM) Officer Training

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