Beginning Teacher Induction Mentoring Program

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The ICF International team employed a mixed-methods design to evaluate the Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring (BTIM) program, authorized and funded by the Texas Legislature in 2006 to increase retention of beginning teachers. The program is built on an evidence base of identified best practices, and was conducted in response to the legislative requirement for an independent evaluator with experience in education program evaluation to comprehensively evaluate the BTIM program.

ICF conducted both quantitative data collection and analyses (e.g., protégé, mentor, and administrator surveys, propensity score matching, and student outcomes) and qualitative data collection and analyses (i.e., case studies focusing on specific schools). This design allowed us to maximize the strengths of one method while compensating for gaps or weaknesses of others. The ICF team had access to several extant data sources for our use in collecting demographic, programmatic, and achievement information. Thus we were well able to describe the BTIM process and participants, as well as establish causal arguments regarding program impacts.

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Client: Texas Education Agency (TEA)

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