Evaluation of the Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN)

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The Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN) provides education to high school students sitting in a variety of locations across the state through an online environment. ICF’s evaluation of the program will assess its functionality and effectiveness through the development and administration of surveys for all stakeholders involved in providing and participating in the TxVSN.

ICF is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Texas Virtual Schools Network (TxVSN). The main objective of the evaluation is to examine the effectiveness of the TxVSN Central Operations and Course Review in the implementation of the contractual, statutory, and legislative directives governing the project.

Specifically, the evaluation examines the extent to which the TxVSN meets its goals of providing:

  1. High quality courses in an online learning environment
  2. Equitable access to those courses
  3. Courses that are likely to benefit students applying to postsecondary institutions
  4. Courses that allow students to earn college credit or other advanced credit

A review of what systems other states have developed and implemented will serve as a basis for comparison and a starting point for the evaluation. Surveys of and interviews with central operations staff, receiver districts, provider districts, instructors, professional development providers, and participating students will inform the evaluation. A comprehensive data system will align survey and student achievement data to determine the effectiveness of the program across years.

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Client: Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Location: TX

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