Altamont Pipeline Alignment Environmental Impact Report

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ICF worked for the Zone 7 Water Agency (Zone 7) concerning alternatives development and screening and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance for a 14-mile water transmission line in eastern Alameda County.

ICF's work on the pipeline project involved two phases. The first was an engineering feasibility/environmental screening analysis process that explored and evaluated specific pipeline routes within each of multiple potential alignment corridors. Early steps in the constraints analysis process resulted in definition of potential pipeline routes within each corridor. The potential routes then were screened to eliminate less desirable options from further consideration. The results of the constraints analysis were summarized in a pipeline alignment study report.

The second phase of the project was preparation of a project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that analyzed the potential impacts of the proposed pipeline and pipeline alternatives. Key issues associated with the EIR included construction disruption (noise, air quality, traffic, and access), water quality, hazardous materials, and biological resources (including special-status species and wetlands). Other issues included constraints posed by various land uses along the pipeline alignment, recreational impacts of a pipeline alignment through open space (and associated opportunities), and air quality impacts of pump stations (if needed), among others.

ICF also led an extensive public involvement process that allowed the public the opportunity to interface with the project team and make recommendations throughout both phases of the project, from the engineering feasibility analysis to EIR scoping.

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Client: Zone 7 Water Agency, Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Location: Alameda County, CA

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