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ICF prepared a Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that addressed land use, aesthetics, transportation, greenhouse gases, utilities, and public services, and prepared a Supplemental EIS addressing additional on- and off-site alternatives.

As part of its annual Comprehensive Plan update process, the City of Kirkland retained ICF to consider some key private requests, including a proposal for the Park Place development in the City of Kirkland’s Central Business District. The proposal would entirely redevelop the site and create approximately 1.7 million square feet of office, retail, and hotel floor area.

To provide a more efficient State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review process, the City of Kirkland proposed consideration of these requests through a Planned Action EIS process. The City of Kirkland also included two smaller private proposals in the same vicinity as Park Place. The Planned Action required changes to the Comprehensive Plan and zoning code including increased building heights within all three areas with the largest from five to eight stories, reduction of some setbacks, and increases in lot coverage. All three proposals will result in the creation of 6,138 new jobs.

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Client: City of Kirkland, WA
Location: City of Kirkland, WA

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