Environmental Program Support for Large California Municipality

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For more than 15 years, ICF has provided a broad range of environmental services to the City of Santa Monica, California, including numerous Phase I environmental site assessments in support of property acquisitions, Phase II site investigations, remediation management, and long-term operations and maintenance.

ICF has conducted Phase I and Phase II assessments on a variety of properties, including transportation, maintenance, airport, private and public office buildings, former lumber yard, retail centers, and a pedestrian and bike pathway. We performed extensive soil, groundwater, and soil gas investigations to evaluate the presence and magnitude of contaminants, including petroleum-based fuels and oxygenates (e.g., MTBE, DIPE, TBA), chlorinated solvents, metals, SVOCs, pesticides, and PCBs. ICF also designed, constructed, operated, and optimized numerous soil and groundwater remediation systems that included soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, air and ozone sparging, groundwater pump and treat, bioventing, and bioremediation systems.

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Client: City of Santa Monica, California
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Environmental Program Support for Large California Municipality

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