Liability and Geotechnical Assessment of Aluminum Reduction Plant

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ICF was engaged by Ormet Corporation to conduct a facility-wide assessment of potential environmental liabilities at a large 60-year old primary aluminum reduction plant.

A team of ICF experts conducted interviews with current and past facility managers and environmental directors, performed thorough facility inspections, reviewed available environmental documentation, and conducted interviews with state and local environmental regulators. ICF compiled a comprehensive environmental liability matrix, which was used by management in planning for the successful sale of the facility.

Following our liability assessment, ICF was engaged to conduct a geotechnical evaluation of a damaged Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) landfill cap at the site. ICF engineers assessed the risk of potential cap failure, performed field testing of the landfill, modeled and designed permanent repairs, oversaw cap construction, and performed long-term monitoring of the improvements.

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Client: Ormet Corporation
Location: US
Liability and Geotechnical Assessment of Aluminum Reduction Plant

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