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ICF has provided its web-based CommentWorks® application to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to manage nearly every aspect of the commission’s public comment processing and analysis needs on its proceedings since 2004.

ICF’s support includes initial collection of public comments; posting these comments to FTC’s website; and detailed analysis, summarization, and preparation of comprehensive reports on a few of the more controversial of FTC’s rules. FTC has received more than 52,000 comment submissions to date through ICF’s project-specific public comment web forms on over 275 distinct projects, including rules, notices, workshops, consent agreements, and other proceedings related to wholesale gasoline pricing, the national “Do Not Call” list, spam emails, credit reporting, identify theft, and other topics.

FTC and ICF staff have used CommentWorks® to create and edit flexible issue coding structures, conduct full-text search and filter public submissions, analyze and identify comments and code them to the coding structure, examine excerpts in their context in original submissions, write narrative summaries of comments and FTC’s responses to them, and generate various reports, from text-based reports of comments sorted by issue codes to tallies of submissions by various data elements.

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Client: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Location: US

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