Stillaguamish Watershed Planning and Outreach

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ICF worked with Snohomish County to support ongoing watershed planning in the Stillaguamish River (WRIA 5) watershed.

ICF provided planning and outreach consulting services to the county’s Surface Water Management Division to support the development of the Stillaguamish Watershed Chinook Salmon Recovery Plan. A Stillaguamish Watershed Chinook Salmon Recovery Plan included short- and long-term recovery objectives and actions to protect and restore salmon habitat in the Stillaguamish River watershed.

This plan was one of fourteen local watershed plans prepared for submittal to the Shared Strategy for Puget Sound. The Shared Strategy compiled this information for a Puget Sound-wide salmon recovery plan, as required by the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). The plan included recommendations for habitat project actions in the following six categories, which were related to the limiting factors for Chinook salmon habitat: riparian vegetation, estuaries, large woody debris, floodplains, sediment, and hydrology. The plan also included recommendations for policy and regulatory issues, funding, research and data gaps, monitoring and adaptive management, and public education.

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Client: Snohomish County, WA

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