Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP)

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ICF is providing comprehensive biological consulting and regulatory compliance services for Segments 4-11 of SCE’s TRTP, including  environmental documentation support for the pre-construction and construction phases of the approximately 175-mile-long transmission line.

ICF is preparing the NTPR reports that are required for submittal to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to obtain segment-specific approvals for construction. These documents characterize all biological resources, associated impacts, and mitigation requirements for each project component prior to construction. ICF is providing weekly updates to all focused survey efforts consisting of geographic information systems (GIS) maps and summaries of detections for listed species. This information is assisting engineers and construction personnel in developing construction phasing documents to comply with the federal and state endangered species acts and to minimize construction delays.

ICF is also providing daily monitoring reports and weekly summary reports to document project compliance. All of the environmental documentation for the project is being managed and organized into a comprehensive geodatabase system, which supports timely and efficient reporting. This custom-built tool is critical to managing data and reporting outputs for this large, complex project.

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Client: Southern California Edison (SCE)
Location: CA

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