Watershed Assessment and Restoration Action Plan

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ICF completed a watershed assessment and restoration project action plan for the Greater Oregon City Watershed Council.

The assessment focused on the Abernethy and Beaver Creek watersheds, which encompass 40 square miles in Clackamas County and includes the Oregon City urban growth area. Streams within the assessment area contain Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed coho salmon and steelhead trout. The factors limiting habitat quality and fish populations were evaluated for each of the subwatersheds and further divided into discrete stream reaches.

The assessment identified features important to hydrology, aquatic and riparian habitat, fisheries, and water quality; determined how natural processes influence those resources; and evaluated how human activities are affecting watershed resources. The assessment was followed by prioritized watershed restoration action plan that identified actions to restore fish populations and improve water quality. The action plan outlined specific project types, locations, phasing, and approximate budgets.

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Client: Greater Oregon City Watershed Council
Location: OR

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