Wenatchee River Channel Migration Zone Reconnaissance and Feasibility Studies

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ICF described changes in fluvial morphology and riparian conditions to help identify potential restoration methods and opportunities for improving salmonid habitat.

We identified 26 potential salmonid habitat creation, restoration, and preservation sites, resulting in more than $1.3 million in design and construction grant funds being awarded to Chelan County. Work included using historic and current aerial photographs and geographic information systems (GIS) analysis to identify the magnitude and location of the dynamic processes that have degraded the current river and salmonid habitat conditions and to predict future losses of habitat and riparian vegetation.

ICF conducted reconnaissance level field surveys, including identifying changes in river meanders, floodplains, channel migration zones, and extent of riparian vegetation; disconnected channels or historic oxbows; and hydrologic modifications that have occurred on the river (e.g., dikes, revetment, roads, bridges, grade control structures). ICF quantified habitat opportunities and constraints and prepared conceptual habitat restoration design plans for each of the top 10-ranked sites.

Insight Details

Client: Chelan County Natural Resource Department
Location: WA

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