Youth Suicide Prevention Evaluation

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Since 2005, ICF has been funded to conduct two multisite evaluations for the Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Youth and Early Intervention Program—one with the U.S. State/Tribal Program and the second with the Campus Suicide Prevention Program—as mandated by the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act. Our cross-site evaluation approach includes a four-stage inquiry with context, product, process, and impact evaluation components. Both quantitative and qualitative data have been collected from more than 80 campuses and the total number of student, faculty, and staff respondents totals more than 35,000.

Collectively, the contracts for this work awarded since 2005 have totaled over $21 million and include supporting approximately 90 active State/tribal/territorial and campus grantees each year. Cross-site evaluation data are housed in the Suicide Prevention Data Center (SPDC), a web-enabled data repository developed and maintained by ICF. As a result of these efforts, one of the largest databases of suicide prevention information ever assembled includes tens of thousands of surveys, hundreds of interviews, and additional data extracted directly from grantee data systems.

Findings from these evaluation activities are synthesized and disseminated through four primary reporting mechanisms:

  1. Grantee-level reports that incorporate qualitative (interview) and quantitative data specific to each site
  2. Quarterly evaluation progress and performance reporting
  3. Comprehensive annual reports that draw together data from all sources (qualitative and quantitative) to address the client’s priority evaluation questions and program performance measures
  4. Special reports that may draw on a single source or multiple evaluation data sources to address a specific question or evaluation topic


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Client: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Suicide Prevention Division

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