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Since 2005, ICF has provided diverse scientific computing and information technology support at NCTR. The ICF onsite team at NCTR is responsible for fulfilling all of the IT requirements that support the entirety of NCTR research studies.

ICF’s onsite software developers support NCTR’s application systems over their full lifecycle. We assist NCTR in: 

  • conducting scientifically rigorous studies of biochemical and molecular markers of health status using emerging technologies and a systems biology approach
  • bioinformatics and predictive technology development
  • neurotoxicology to include the use of imaging techniques, risk assessment, and statistical modeling 
  • development of microbiology and chemistry rapid detection technologies

Our services include maintaining NCTR’s Research Support System, which collects data from animals within the NCTR environment and through all phases of experiments. Our team also supports the Research Management System (RMS), which provides essential tools for gathering data and the decision support mechanisms used to allocate available resources to new or ongoing research efforts.

ICF’s onsite computational scientists are engaged in leading-edge research in bioinformatics analysis, methods and associated software development. This research is conducted collaboratively with government bioinformaticists. In addition to data management, data integration, and related software services, we collaborate in the development and implementation of new methodologies to produce supervised and unsupervised predictive classification models from classical, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data.

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Client: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)

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