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ICF supports the NLM mission to improve public health and knowledge by increasing the availability of biomedical and related evidence-based health information and facilitating the exchange of scientific data and access to published health literature for researchers, health providers, patients, and the general public. Our work includes IT support services at NLM and subject matter expertise for the National Cancer Institute and the National Toxicology Program. These services are delivered both onsite at NIH facilities and from ICF offices.

At NLM, ICF supports research-related services, clinical trials processing, dissemination of evidence-based findings to health providers, and communication of health information to the public. ICF provides multidisciplinary subject matter expertise, technical support, and information development and dissemination services through various channels and media to target audiences. We also support a variety of web-based communications and maintain scientific and medical databases that contain the results of biomedical and clinical research.

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Client: National Library of Medicine (NLM) , National Institutes of Health (NIH) Institutes and Centers

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