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ICF is working with International Resources Group and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to assist Asia and Middle East missions in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs to be implemented under USAID's Global Climate Change Initiative. The project has three specific objectives:

  1. To enable the Asia Bureau to provide short-term technical assistance on topics such as climate change adaptation, climate change integration within the development portfolio, monitoring and evaluation, and infrastructure development
  2. To provide USAID Missions in Asia with information on climate change and to communicate region-wide environmental threats, changes, and opportunities, some of which are related to infrastructure development
  3. To support USAID with the integration of climate change throughout the Asia development portfolio.
    ICF will support the project with development of climate data, analysis of infrastructure projects, and monitoring and evaluation in accordance with USAID procedures

ICF will identify up to 10 projects related to infrastructure, extractive industries, and industrial agriculture in areas with at-risk ecosystems or populations and analyze their vulnerabilities to climate change. In addition, ICF will establish protocols to evaluate and monitor them for compliance with social and environmental commitments.

Through this project, ICF will help USAID understand how climate stressors interact with other development pressures to affect vulnerable ecosystems and populations. The project will provide a much clearer picture of the multiple stresses affecting these areas. Since climate effects can take a long time to be fully realized, the establishment of monitoring and evaluation procedures will serve to establish a baseline and understand the pace of climate impacts over time.

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Client: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

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