Malawi Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture Project

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Malawi is vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, including droughts, floods, and other extreme events that threaten food security, health, water, energy resources, and the economy. ICF, together with the Bunda College Consultancy Team of Malawi, was engaged to develop a project that responds to these challenges.

The ICF team undertook an assessment of current and future climate change vulnerability and adaptation options, including a review and synthesis of current knowledge, a baseline survey, and stakeholder consultations. Based on this, the team formulated an adaptation strategy and investment plan and developed the Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods (CARLA) Project for support by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The GEF has approved the project for funding and considers it to be “one of the most promising projects yet seen in the LDCF.”

The CARLA Project will improve Malawi’s resilience to current climate variability and future climate change by developing and implementing cost-effective adaptation strategies, policies, and measures to improve agricultural production and rural livelihoods. The project will focus particularly on the most vulnerable districts in Malawi. Further details and project documents prepared by ICF are available at

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Client: Government of Malawi and the African Development Bank

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