Hawai'i Cruise Industry Study: Module 7—Cost-Benefit Analysis

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This report by ICF International contains analyses evaluating the economic impacts incurred on the State of Hawaii by the cruise industry. These impacts can be benefits, such as increased consumer spending and regional economic activity, or costs, such as the degradation of air quality from cruise ship pollution and automobile use. The study incorporates impacts on the economy, the transportation infrastructure, the port infrastructure, utilities, community services, the environment, and cultural heritage sites. Over the next ten years, the cruise industry is expected to create significant net economic benefits to the State of Hawaii. The net benefits vary among the different islands in the Hawaii archipelago due to different rates of land-based tourism and time spent by visitors on each island. The study also examines the taxes and fees generated by the cruise industry and how they compare to the costs the cruise industry imposes.

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Published: Dec 1, 2008
Source: ICF International

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