Lessons Learned from Applying the Child Survival Sustainability Assessment (CSSA) Framework to Seven Mother and Child Health Projects

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This report by ICF International specifically presents the experience of Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) and International Relief Committee (IRC) in Sierra Leone, Project Concern International (PCI) in Indonesia, World Vision International (WVI) in India, Project Hope in Nicaragua, Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) in Madagascar, and Concern Worldwide Incorporated (CWI) in Bangladesh. The report also offers practical guidelines for conducting a sustainability assessment at different stages of an international health project.

The Child Survival Sustainability Assessment (CSSA) methodology is a framework and process to map progress toward sustainable child health from the community level and upward. CSSA was developed with nongovernmental organizations (NGO) through a participatory process of research and dialogue. The international health report presents the lessons learned through the efforts of private voluntary organizations and the Child Survival Technical Support (CSTS) project to integrate sustainability framework at different stages of project life, particularly at the detailed implementation plan (DIP) development stage.

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  • Maternal and Child Health Technical SpecialistICF International

    Jennifer Yourkavitch has 15 years of experience in health development work around the world. She began working on sustainability issues for community-based HIV/AIDS services in the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Zambia as well as child survival in Indonesia and Zambia. The sustainability of health and human development became less theoretical and more urgent ever since she lived and worked near the Zambia–DRC border.

    Ms. Yourkavitch works on the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Maternal Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP) project as a maternal and child health advisor, with an emphasis on project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for maternal health, breastfeeding, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. She is also a technical specialist for projects that monitor the transition of CDC-funded HIV/AIDS service delivery throughout Africa and has written about capacity and performance measurement for health systems and communities.

  • Leo Ryan

    Senior Vice PresidentICF International

    Leo Ryan heads health and development efforts in supporting nongovernmental organizations (NGO) to build sustainable local capacity in health systems worldwide. He has experience in leadership and organization development, strategic planning, conflict management, and public health.

    Mr. Ryan annually assists in the development and implementation of an internal climate survey that identifies drivers of organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Survey results are used in maintaining a healthy working environment for all staff.

  • Eric Sarriott

    Director of the CEDARS CenterICF International

    Eric Sarriot is Director of ICF International’s Center for Design and Research in Sustainable Health and Human Development (CEDARS). Dr. Sarriot leads a community of practice focusing on improving sustainability design, implementation, and evaluation in community health projects and programs; analysis and development of sustainable social responses to global challenges to sustainable health and human development; and evaluation and study designs on the functioning of complex adaptive systems (community and civil society, health systems, donor systems).

    His experience includes mixed method evaluation, evidence-based model development for planning and evaluation, participatory research and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research, and program design and management primarily in health.

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Published: Sep 3, 2004
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