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Caring for Wounded Warriors: A Roadmap for the VA

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) must re-examine how it delivers services to today’s wounded warriors because of the severity and extent of injuries, the complexity of the medical and support services needed, and the unprecedented requirements placed on families. This white paper offers a conceptual framework for responding to the needs of today’s Wounded Warrior community. Our framework focuses on three critical elements in the care and recovery of Wounded Warriors: the family, the care delivery infrastructure, and the care provider workforce. Each of these elements has been highlighted by Congress in the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Additionally, each is a priority of the Senior Oversight Committee (SOC) that the Secretaries of the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs jointly established to address the needs of the wounded, ill, and injured.

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Published: Jan 1, 2009
Source: ICF International

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