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Changing the Air Force Culture

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As the United States Air Force increases its energy awareness, new ideas and methodologies for operating more efficiently will emerge as each Airman considers the impact of energy use in his day-today duties and life. Airmen and organizations at all levels are increasingly being asked to engage in new strategies to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and eliminate waste. In the workplace, these strategies can reduce operating costs, sustain operational capability, enhance organizational effectiveness, and improve morale overall. When an organization is looking to institute a program that involves a positive culture change to comply with governmental regulations or other requirements, a broad-based approach, including leadership, education, outreach, and interactive Web-based tools, is key to its success.

ICF can leverage its experience in public sector stakeholder engagement programs to design targeted communication and awareness training programs; provide tools promoting work-based and household conservation suggestions to Air Force staff. As with business, it’s all about the bottom line, and programs highlight how these changes save the Air Force member and the Air Force money.

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Published: May 19, 2010
Source: ICF International

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