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Bringing Medical Education, Training, and Health Care Delivery into the 21st Century

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ICF International understands the importance of medical modeling and simulation as a valuable and effective technique in the initial and continuing education of health and allied health professionals. The combined complexity of medical knowledge, technical proficiency, communication, and teamwork that is required to deliver safe, quality health care has outpaced the capability of conventional medical education and training programs. Therefore, the need to implement system-wide medical simulation programs, standard curriculum, and innovative technology is clear and becoming more urgent.

Since 2007, ICF International has partnered with the U.S. Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) in providing support to the Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training program, a system-wide network designed to deliver leading-edge basic medical education and continuing training to all medical personnel. ICF provided assistance in developing the hub and spoke organizational network that formed the basis for information sharing and lessons learned. ICF’s 2007 baseline assessment of simulation staff and equipment for 80 Military Treatment Facilities and 5 affiliated university-based Level 1 Trauma Centers assisted in developing an initial gap analysis and follow-on equipment procurement strategy.

ICF has continued to provide program management and operations support to Air Force and civilian-affiliated simulation centers, assistance in identifying and tracking performance metrics, and validation research on effectiveness and new technology development. ICF tackled the challenge of incorporating standard taxonomies and classifications for simulation-based training operations across the AFMS and implemented the use of a standard curriculum development process, a broad set of simulation training templates, and full-array of associated learning evaluation tools.

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Published: Oct 6, 2011
Source: ICF International

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