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College and Career Readiness

With Proper Preparation, All Students Can Be Successful in Their Post-Secondary Endeavors

Education in the Appalachian States Information Series
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ICF International's white paper discusses how graduating high school students must be adequately prepared to enter post-secondary training or employment, without the need for remediation, in order to take their places as independent adults and informed citizens. College and career readiness has taken the forefront of national and state education policy. ICF's information brief on college and career readiness presents our nation's progress as well as the specific strategies being implemented at the state level to make progress toward this goal.

For more information, watch the videos below as ICF International’s Dr. Anthony Marchese and West Virginia’s Chancellor of Higher Education and Policy Commission (WVHEPC) Dr. Paul Hill discuss college and career readiness in West Virginia and the surrounding region. This video series explores what parents, educators, and the larger community can do to ensure that high school graduates are prepared for the challenges of post-secondary learning and possess the skills needed to establish meaningful careers following graduation.

What are the complexities of college and career readiness? Learn how West Virginia’s students are being prepared for the future.

How are college and career readiness programs in Appalachia creating opportunities for student success?

College and Career Readiness. How do West Virginia high school students differ from those in other states?

What is the multifaceted nature of college and career readiness? Learn strategies post-secondary institutions can use to maintain student achievement.

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  • Allison Nebbergall

    Senior AssociateICF International

    Allison Nebbergall has expertise in social science and education research, including multisite, large-scale, randomized, controlled trials in schools. She currently plays a key role in the evaluations of the Diplomas Now and Junior Achievement programs. Dr. Nebbergall is a certified school psychologist and has worked in urban and suburban public schools, where she provided a full range of psychological services to students, staff, and families.

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Published: Dec 14, 2011
Source: ICF International

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