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With Good Data Presentation, You Don’t Have to Be a Researcher to Use Data

Education in the Appalachian States Information Series
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ICF's information brief discusses what states are doing to strengthen their education data systems, what remains to be done, and how data visualization enhances informed decision-making through proper data exhibition. For more than 20 years, ICF has helped U.S. educators overcome obstacles to learning and drive positive change.

Data tell stories about the things in which we are interested. However, those stories may remain untold if data are presented in obscure or unclear ways. Many states are involved in efforts to develop and implement statewide longitudinal education databases. But educators must be able to understand the data to make good decisions. One way to accomplish this is through effective data visualization. In Appalachia, states are strengthening their data systems and laying the groundwork for effective data use.

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  • Kimberly Cook

    Education SpecialistICF International

    Kimberly Cook has more than 25 years of experience in the education sector. As a specialist in ICF’s Charleston, West Virginia office, she provides research assistance and support on several projects, including the Regional Education Laboratory (REL) Mid-Atlantic, the National Laboratory Network, and the Reform Support Network. Her past work in a variety of capacities includes support of U.S. federal programs such as the Eisenhower Regional Mathematics and Science Consortium, the Region IV Comprehensive Center, and Appalachia Educational Laboratory.

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Published: Dec 8, 2011
Source: ICF International

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