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Eliminating Veteran Homelessness: Applying Data, Lessons Learned, and Resources

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Today, governmental agencies and their community- and faith-based partners are collaborating as never before to apply their expertise and experience to achieve the goal of zero homelessness for our veterans by 2015. While progress has been made in reducing the number of homeless veterans from about 195,000 six years ago to an estimated 76,000+ today, it remains complex and complicated by issues such as job loss or economic duress to lack of access to health care, relationship problems, and chemical dependence.

To maintain progress and reach the goal: 1) data must continue to be current, capturing information on all populations in all places; 2) evidence-based lessons learned must be applied; and 3) resources must be maintained and applied with the readiness and rigor necessary to ensure that those who have served get the support they need and deserve. ICF is honored to support the intergovernmental and community and faith-based partners in all three critical areas.

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Published: Oct 1, 2011

Lynda Davis

Source: ICF International

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